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Emptying a swamped whitewater kayak is slightly different from emptying a swamped sea kayak because the boats are much smaller and more manageable, and because the shore is often much closer. Still, a little technique can make a big difference. Read More

The kayak wet exit is an important skill that should be practiced fairly frequently. Practice your wet exits every time you get a new skirt or kayak. If it is your first time doing a wet exit or you are still getting comfortable, make sure you have a paddle buddy to lend a hand if needed. Read more about the wet ext: Tips and tricks Read More

People spend time out on the water to have fun with family and friends. It is never fun when someone gets hurt or has a bad experience. This article will help on water users: Kayakers, small boaters, SUP paddlers etc... stay safe and ensure everyone has a good time. Read More

Once you decide that whitewater kayaking is for you, you will need to start the process of weeding through all of the available gear out there. It is our goal to provide you with some basic information and let you take it from there. Read More

As you may already know there are an array of different skirts out there that range greatly in price form and function. This article will give you some basic information that will hopefully aid you as you consider what is best for you and your needs Read More