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Join us for one of natures greatest events. Paddling beautiful Port Gamble Bay under a full moon. As an added attraction, you may see on overcast nights the sparkling Bioluminescence algae that is present this time of year.

Dont see your Date Available? Check our regular Bioluminescence tour for more dates. This tour is divided into 2 separate pages, full moon dates (this one) and non-moon nights. Please check both for available dates.

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This will truly be a unique experience that you will want to share with your friends, family, or social group. Olympic is this regions premier provider of paddlesports classes, tours, events, and sales. Join us Today.

This kayak tour is great for all ages, all experience levels, locals and visitors! Start with a Kayak lesson (or refresher) and then enjoy the Full Moon viewing on Port Gamble Bay. Your are more than welcome to bring your own kayak or SUP, the cost of the tour will still be the same. We use stable double sit-on-top kayaks.

We go rain or shine and even though on the occasional overcast night where it may be more difficult to see the moon we will almost for sure see Bioluminescence in the water this time of year.  Bioluminescence is the production of light from organisms in the water and is spectacular in Port Gamble Bay. If we are lucky we will see both.

Please bring Head Lamp worn during the tour.

Full Moon Tours begin and end at our beach in Port Gamble and will last about 2 hours. 

Not able to make it this time, but still want to have some fun out on the water? Click here for our Summer Calendar!

    The cost of the tour includes: Guide, Kayak, Paddle, PFD, Boat light, head lamp,  and Safety Equipment. No experience is necessary and all ages are welcome.  We hope to see you out on the water!

    Where to Meet

    We meet at the beach in Port Gamble. Go to our store in Port Gamble (32379 Rainier Ave, Port Gamble, WA 98364). Drive past the store and at the stop sign take a right. Follow the road down the hill, go straight across the parking lot to the metal container which is at our beach. We will meet you there.

    What Time to Meet

    Meet times is 9:30pm at our beach in Port Gamble.

    When will we finish?

    The tour will end 2 hours AFTER the meet time. Later is better for viewing Bio.

    Please note that you will not be able to catch a Kingston ferry after the paddle but Bainbridge Ferry has a 12:55pm ferry.  Ferry Times change PLEASE CHECK USING THIS LINK.

    What To Expect

    • We use stable double sit on top kayaks
    • We will be putting in on a beach that can be sandy or rocky depending on the tide.
    • You will be wearing a life jacket
    • There will be a safety talk before leaving the beach
    • You will need to get your feet wet getting in and out of the kayaks so wear boots, sandals, or shoes that can get wet.
    • It will be chilly on the water after sundown so pack a jacket
    • You will be using headlamps and boat lights that we provide but please bring your own if you have them.
    • We will paddle as a group and each person will have, besides lights, a whistle for signaling and safety.
    • There is a sani-can at our beach which we encourage everyone to use before leaving the beach. We will be on the water 1 to 1.5 hours.

    What To Bring – Kayak Tour

    (We paddle in Light Rain. We do not paddle in high winds or lightning. It is COLD on the water at night so dress WARM.)

    • • Hardy snack
    • • Water Bottle
    • • Warm Fleece hat (Windproof if available)
    • • Shoes that can get wet, tennis shoes, sandals with straps or hard sole water shoe, NO flip-flops. Calf High Boots are best to keep your feet dry.
    • • Short or long pants depending on weather (Ideally synthetic).
    • • Short or long sleeve shirt depending on the weather (Ideally synthetic).
    • • Change of clothes left In your car If the ones your wearing gets wet.
    • • Towel for After (Always nice)
    • • Warm Fleece jacket, NOT cotton (Windproof if available)
    • • light waterproof/water resistant jacket.


    • If bringing electronics (phone, camera, etc.) put in dry bag or Double baggie or provide a waterproof case.

    • Put Your name on all of your belongings, we are not responsible for lost or stolen gear especially phones, cameras, watches, etc.

    Tipping your guides are always a nice gesture for excellent service.

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