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Kayak Paddles

Having the correct kayak paddle can make all the difference when paddling. Once you've found the perfect kayak, your next decision will be to choose a kayak paddle. Your kayaking paddle will be in your hands the entire time you're on the water, so picking the right one is critical. A high quality kayak paddle will be light, strong, and comfortable for your paddling style and different boating conditions. A kayak paddle that fits you and your paddling style can make the difference between a fun, rewarding experience on the water, or sore hands and shoulders at the end of the day. Whether you choose a kayak for the lake, ocean, or for whitewater, we have the right kayaking paddle for you. We offer a large selection of kayak paddles in a wide range of materials and configurations. From Aquabound and Bending Branches to fully customizable paddles from Werner.

Olympic Outdoor Center Digital Gift Card

Check the paddler on your list off with an Olympic Outdoor Center digital Gift Card. Certificates are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. No additional processing fees! If you are buying a gift card for someone else, you can print it out or simply forward them the redemption email received once the gift card is purchased. Read More