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Life Jackets

Whether you are a recreational kayak paddler searching for your first lifejacket or a seasoned whitewater pro looking to upgrade or replace your current life jacket we have a little something for everyone. We are proud to not only offer a large selection of kayak and stand up paddle-board PFD's from Industry leading manufacturers, Kokatat, Astral, NRS and Stohlquist, we are also proud to have a significant amount of insight and product knowledge for every item we carry!

Kayak Life Jackets

Kayak life jackets come in a variety of shapes and sizes for both Men and Women.The PFD you choose should be a function of your activity and boat configuration. Whitewater kayakers, sea kayakers, recreational kayakers and kayak fisherman all have slightly different needs when it comes to the fit and configuration of their life jacket. We carry a large selection of life jackets from Kokatat, Astral and Stohlquist, to accommodate each individual and their needs.

Whitewater Life Jackets

Whitewater kayakers and some Sea Kayakers have a different set of needs and demands when it comes to their PFD / Life Jacket.  Typically a whitewater life jacket is cut to allow for greater range of motion and built to be tough to withstand the rigors of paddling in a dynamic environment.

The most important part of selecting a whitewater kayak PFD is fit and comfort. That is why we carry whitewater PFD's from top manufacturers: Kokatat, Astral, Stohlquist and NRS. These companies know whitewater kayaking and the PFD's they create offer the best comfort, durability and available storage on the market

Whitewater Rescue Life Jackets are built with durable materials and constructed to withstand the demands of rescue and recovery.

Stand Up Life Jackets

Life Jackets for use when on a Stand Up Paddleboard need to be low profile and graciously cut.  You can also go with an Inflatable belt pack which is a terrific option for those wishing to go as minimal as possible. Either way always wear your life jacket!

Inflatable Life Jackets

Inflatable life jackets and belt packs are a great option for those seeking a low profile solution to provide flotation.  Inflatable belt packs are a terrific low profile option for those on stand up paddleboards as they are minimal and out of the way.

Parts and Accessories

Looking to spice up your current life jacket  - PFD?  You have the option to add pockets, add a hydration pack or towing accessories like pig tails.  Check to make sure that whatever life jacket accessory you go with will be compatible with your current PFD.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are making a decision regarding your next kayak PFD (Personal Flotation Device). The most important of course are going to be fit and comfort. It is important that your Life Jacket fits properly to ensure that when you are in the water it is not riding up and interfering with your breathing, vision and your ability to move in the water. Read More