Kayaking Dry Suits

A kayak drysuit is a revolutionary way to enjoy paddling and other water sports while staying warm and dry, and is the perfect piece of kayak clothing. Unlike a wet suit, a kayak drysuit is loose fitting, comfortable and easy to get in and out of. A kayaking drysuit will keep your clothing underneath dry but by itself does not provide much insulation. Gore-Tex kayak drysuits and other waterproof and breathable suits, for example the Kokatat Meridian kayak drysuit, is comfortable to wear all day. These materials allow sweat to breathe out through the suit fabric. Some kayak drysuits offer built in dry socks in place of tight ankle gaskets so that you can step right into the suit. Kayaking drysuits are made to fit every type of paddling adventure. Browse dry suits from our favorite brands: Kokatat, NRS, Immersion Research and Sweet Protection

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