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Paddling Clothing

Dry Suits, Dry Tops, Paddle Jackets, Pants & More

When out on the water while either Kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboarding, it is important to stay comfortable and safe. Whether you need something to help insulate you from cooler water or to keep you dry while out and about, you can find it here. We carry a large selection of men's and women's neoprene tops and bottoms, along with men's and women's specific dry tops, dry pants and splashwear.  For the ultimate in comfort and thermal protection, check out a dry suit.

Dry Suits

We carry a large selection of dry suits for both men and women from top manufacturers Kokatat, Sweet Protection, NRS and Immersion Research. Whether you are a sea kayaker, whitewater kayaker, stand up paddle-boarder or sailor we have a suit configuration for your needs. Please call (360) 297-4659 if you have any questions regarding sizing, materials or configuration we are happy to put our over 30 years of experience to use!


Paddling Jackets and Pants for Men and Women from Kokatat, NRS and Sweet Protection, along with a large selection of Dry Tops and Dry Pants for use while in your Kayak or on your Stand Up Paddleboard.  Selecting the proper paddle clothing can make or break your day on the water.  Please give us a call (360) 297-4659 with any questions and take advantage of our over 30 years of experience.


Neoprene paddling apparel allows for cost-effective thermal protection in a wide range of conditions. Browse our selection of wetsuits, tops, bottoms and more for kayaking and stand up paddleboarding.


Enjoying watersports require dressing for the conditions, and for safety and comfort that means layering. We have a wide selection of insulating layers from lightweight top and bottom base layers and Polartec® PowerDry® expediton heavyweight union suit liners for layering under your kayaking dry suit to varying thicknesses of HydroSkin neoprene separates perfect for keeping you paddleboarding later in the season.


Kayak helmets to protect while on the river or in the surf, sun & rain hats to keep you comfortable and insulating hoodies to keep you warm while out on the water in your kayak or cruising on your stand up paddleboard.


We all know that kayaking can be hard on your hands, and paddling with sore hands is no fun. Keep your digits toasty and blister-free with our wide selection of gloves, mitts, and pogies from brands like NRS, Hanz, and Snap Dragon.


Keep those tootsies warm and give yourself some traction while you are out in your kayak on the sea or in the river, with paddling specific footwear. Neoprene booties are great for insulation and protection or go with specialty footwear from Astral for insane grip!  


Protect your eyes from the glare while out on the water with a pair of high quality sunglasses from Smith.  Smith sunglasses are known for their robust construction and high quality lenses.  Want to cut the glare even more?  Go Polarized!


Go from kayaking or stand up paddleboarding at your favorite put in to your favorite watering hole and not worry about having to change with casual paddle clothing.  Because it is important to look good and be comfortable both on and off the water!

Care and Repair

Whether you need to make a repair to your kayaking dry suit or just looking to clean the funk out of your wetsuit and booties, we have everything you need to keep your water sports clothing in peak working condition for years of paddling. Need to clean your technical fabrics? Lubricate troublesome zippers? Replace worn out latex gaskets? We have you covered.

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