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Paddling Clothing

While not as thrilling as choosing a kayak or a paddle, choosing the right kayak clothing is important for a fun and safe day on the water. Nothing cramps your style worse than chafing, hypothermia, or heat stroke. Fortunately, a wide range of ergonomic, breathable kayak apparel has been designed specifically to keep you comfortable whether you’re running waterfalls in cold whitewater or sea kayaking on a hot summer day.

When shopping for kayak clothing, the first key to success is to dress for the water. For example, if you’re paddling frigid whitewater in balmy weather, you still need to wear a dry suit, regardless of air temp. But don’t fret, you won’t get too hot. Many kayak apparel manufacturers have begun incorporating heat-reflecting materials into their layering, shirts, pants, and outerwear to help keep your body temperature regulated in varying weather conditions.

The second key to protecting yourself from the elements both on and off the water is layering. A combination of thin and thick layers can provide more heat retention than one thick layer while allowing you to remove one if you begin to overheat.


Paddling Jackets and Pants for Men and Women from Kokatat, NRS and Sweet Protection, along with a large selection of Dry Tops and Dry Pants for use while in your Sea Kayak, your Whitewater Kayak or on your Stand Up Paddleboard. Selecting the proper paddle clothing can make or break your day on the water. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, in that the more expensive materials like Gore-Tex are going to provide the user with a more breathable and durable option. Please give us a call (360) 297-4659 with any questions and take advantage of our over 30 years of experience.


Neoprene paddling apparel allows for cost-effective thermal protection in a wide range of conditions. Browse our selection of wet suits, neoprene tops, neoprene bottoms and more for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. 


Enjoying watersports require dressing for the conditions, and for safety and comfort that means layering. We have a wide selection of insulating layers from lightweight top and bottom base layers and Polartec® PowerDry® expediton heavyweight union suit liners for layering under your kayaking dry suit to varying thicknesses of HydroSkin neoprene separates perfect for keeping you paddleboarding later in the season.


Kayak helmets, from Sweet Protection and WRSI, to protect you while whitewater or surf kayaking, sun & rain hats to keep you comfortable and insulating hoodies to keep you warm while out on the water paddling your kayak or cruising on your stand up paddleboard.


When shopping for kayak clothing, always be prepared out on the water with the right pair of kayak paddling gloves! Hands can be such a limiting factor, so why not be prepared for every paddling situation? Thickness is one of the main varying factors when choosing a pair of kayak gloves. A thick pair of paddling gloves can reduce dexterity while kayaking, while the thinnest gloves are no match for a cool breeze. The most important thing to consider while choosing the right pair of paddling gloves is fit. A glove that is too tight will be cold, and a glove that is not tight enough will fill with water and become heavy.

Please call (360) 297-4659 if you have any questions, we are happy to put our over 30 years of experience to use!


These are not your Mama's paddling water shoes! With special designs, you'll find these kayak water shoes can take you though the most gnarly portages, or just for an afternoon stroll through the creek bed. Kayak and rafting water shoes feature self-draining holes along the soles so your feet will dry out in no time. The lightweight construction of most paddling water shoes eliminate materials that hold water and odor, making for a very light shoe. Many kayaking water shoes vent hot air through mesh fabrics. We consider the best kayak and rafting water shoes to be made by NRS and Astral.

Please call (360) 297-4659 if you have any questions regarding sizing, materials or configuration we are happy to put our over 30 years of experience to use!

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