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No matter your experience level, wet gear is always a concern while on the water. Whether taking a quick afternoon paddle or a month long expedition, you need the right protection to keep all your stuff dry. Read More

People spend time out on the water to have fun with family and friends. It is never fun when someone gets hurt or has a bad experience. This article will help on water users: Kayakers, small boaters, SUP paddlers etc... stay safe and ensure everyone has a good time. Read More

Kayaks are simple machines, but some basic kayak maintenance will make yours last longer. Here are some good tips on taking care of your kayak. Plastic kayaks are a good choice for low-maintenance paddling, but they too require a little TLC. One of the best things you can do is store it properly. Read More

Tips on how to pack your kayak for a multi-day adventure. Best practices when packing and loading your gear to ensure you have an enjoyable time while out on the water. Read More

A discussion focusing on the advantages and disadvantage rudders or skegs on kayaks and how those differences apply to the type of kayaking you are doing. Read More