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by: NRS

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The NRS MightyLight Dry Sack protects that roll of paper towels in your kitchen kit, the dainty bits in your overnight bag, or the snacks in your day hatch, without taking up valuable space, or too much of your budget.

    • 3L - 0.08 lbs
    • 5L - 0.10 lbs
    • 10L - 0.14 lbs
    • 15L - 0.16 lbs
    • 25L - 0.20 lbs
35L - 0.24 lbs
Filled & Rolled Dimensions: Available Sizes
Material: 40-denier silicone-impregnated ripstop nylon
Closure System: Fold-down StormStrip™ closure
  • Fully-sealed seams
  • Attachment D-ring
  • Lightweight
  • The MightyLight is not intended for submersion or designed to be the sole watertight barrier for sensitive electronics, cameras and other items vulnerable to water damage. For maximum protection of these items, we recommend to use a hard or soft case with a totally waterproof seal.
Size Dimensions
3L 5.5" Dia x 5" H
5L 6.5" Dia x 9.5" H
10L 7.5" Dia x 13.75" H
15L 9.5" Dia x 13" H
25L 9.5" Dia x 21.5" H
35L 11.5" Dia x 20.5" H