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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boards, Clothing, Gear and Accessories from industry leading manufacturers. We carry everything a stand up paddle boarder needs to outfit themselves for a day or a week on the water. Customizable Stand Up Paddles from Werner, SUP's from Boardworks and BIC, and SUP vehicle racks from Thule are some of the goodies you will find. All available with expert advice!

All Paddleboards

Just like the paddlers who use them, SUPs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. We do our best to have something for everyone and that is why we carry a large selection of stand up paddle boards from Boardworks and BIC Sport. Whether you are a recreational paddler needing to let off some steam after work, a serious paddle boarder wanting to tour and race, or looking to take your yoga to another level, we have got a board for you!

Stand Up Paddles

Werner Stand Up Paddles are hand made, lightweight and durable. We offer a large selection of materials and customize-able configurations to ensure that stand up paddlers find exactly what they need to hit the race course, head out for a morning surf session or end the day with an evening cruise around the local put in.

SUP Life Jackets

Life Jackets for use when on a Stand Up Paddleboard need to be low profile and graciously cut.  You can also go with an Inflatable belt pack which is a terrific option for those wishing to go as minimal as possible. Either way always wear your life jacket!


Need a new rack for your car or truck? We carry a large selection of solutions from industry leading manufacturers Thule, Yakima and Malone. We also carry a large selection accessories to get your kayak or stand up paddle board to the put in safely and securely. Please give us a call (360) 297-4659 if you would like a hand figuring out the proper rack and parts for your vehicle.

Choosing a SUP can be an overwhelming.  Here are some things to think about before you go out and buy your first SUP or go to upgrade your current board Read More
When choosing a SUP there are a couple things that you will need to take into consideration.  SUP Paddles of course vary in length, material, blade size and shaft configuration.  We will spend some time breaking down some of the topics to help you make an informed descision in order to select the right piece of gear. Read More