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Riot Bayside 12 Cross‑Light Kayak

by: Riot

The Bayside series of kayaks are the most universal fitting, accommodating anyone wishing to experience kayaking. Stability and comfort are key design elements. The Bayside 12 offers one-and-a-half size in a kayak, with a roomy open feeling for beginners, and more experienced paddlers may wish tocarry a cooler, dog, or child. Bayside models have two bulkheaded storage hatches to keep your gear secure and dry. Built for the family to fish or photograph from or simply have fun!

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Bayside 12 Cross-Light Kayak

Cross-Light construction perfectly combines the advantages of rotomolded and composite boats. It creates a boat that is up to 25% lighter, stiffer, and faster, and, let’s face it, that looks better than a comparable rotomolded boat. Meanwhile it is significantly tougher and more affordable than a comparable composite boat. With Cross-Light you get it all: lightweight, beautiful, tough, and durable.

Features :

  • Flex 4 Seat 
  • Drytech 
  • Oversized easy entry open cockpit
  • Two storage hatches with bulkheads
  • Self rescue straps for safety
  • Skeg provides enhanced tracking


Length 12' (366 cm)
Width 28" (71 cm)
Weight 22.5 kg (49.6 lbs)/ ) & fully rigged 26.3 kg (58 lbs)
Max Displacement 170 kg (375 lbs)
Cockpit size inches (cm) 58.9” x 23” (149.5 x 58.5 cm)
Cockpit Height(cm) 40.5 cm