Eddyline Sitka ST

by: Eddyline

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The Eddyline Sitka ST is a lively sleek boat for the small-frame paddler. Designed for paddlers looking for a lightweight, high performing kayak with effortless maneuverability. Suited for bays, lakes, or even an ocean excursion.

Kayaks and Paddleboards are only available for in-store pick up or local delivery within Western Washington.

Slip into the cozy keyhole cockpit of the Sitka ST and feel the effortless acceleration from your paddle strokes.

The Eddyline Sitka ST is the small-sized day touring kayak of the Sitka series with performance, efficiency and tracking together with a playful and nimble spirit. It’s fully outfitted with fore hatch, and aft hatch, plus it sports static perimeter lines, deck elastics, and a skeg for tracking when the wind kicks up. Best suited for small to medium frame paddlers. Have a little maneuvering to do? Just edge this sweetie on its side and with a stroke of the paddle you will feel her carve like a fine German knife. Need to get across that big channel?  Drop the skeg down and feel the rails set in for great straight tracking. Quartering seas or cross winds a bother?  Just fine-tune the skeg position to neutralize the problem and keep on with your normal stroke.

Sitka day-touring kayaks are designed for the paddler looking for a lightweight, high performing kayak with effortless maneuverability, and a perfect fit. The Sitka is ready for a saltwater adventure or a lazy afternoon at the lake. The Sitka combines the best of both worlds - the performance, efficiency and tracking of Eddylines Fathom touring kayaks, together with the playful nimble spirit of a recreational kayak. Eddyline Sitka kayaks are fully outfitted seaworthy kayaks with perimeter lines, bulkheads and hatches, retractable carry handles, deck bungees and Infinity Seat System with backrest (standard) or backband (optional). Each kayak also sports an adjustable drop down skeg for a wider range of hull performance.


Carbonlite 2000 brings the technology of plastic kayaks to an entirely new level of performance. Eddyline pioneered this technology and Carbonlite 2000 is an Eddyline exclusive. The material looks and performs like fiberglass with clear advantages over other plastics: dimensional stability and increased stiffness, higher heat distortion temperatures, hard glossy “non fuzzing” finishes with excellent abrasion and impact resistance, easy reparability, superior UV resistance and lighter weights. Carbonlite 2000 is extremely tough, but it is also easily repaired in the event of an accident. It has endured the test of time in the hands of many paddlers, liveries and tour operators and is highly suitable for nearly all kayak applications.

Eddyline is committed to manufacturing in an environmentally responsible manner. Carbonlite 2000 is 100% recyclable (as are the bulkheads, cockpit and seat), all scrap plastic is recycled and virtually no waste is generated.

Fits Small to Medium Paddlers
Length 13' 9"
Width 22.5"
Depth 12.5"
Cockpit 31.5" x 16.5"
Weight 43 lbs.
Capacity 300 lbs.
Construction Thermoform Plastic
Tracking System Drop Skeg
Storage Hatches Bow, Stern
Best Use Light Touring, Day Paddling, Open Water, Bays, Lakes