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Paddle. Bike. Play.

Stories, tips and advice to help you hit the water, tackle the trails, and have some fun.

New to our Shop, Current Designs Kayaks. Here we introduce the boats we have elected to stock and why, speak to the quality of the composite kayaks and give our first impressions of materials, hardware etc... Read More

The number one way kayaks end up damaged is during transport. A proper roof rack and kayak accessory can go a long way to minimize damage to your kayak and minimize the risk to others on the road. Selecting the proper roof rack and accessory can also have a lot to do with how often you go paddling. Get the right gear the fist time! Read More

What should you bring on your next kayak outing? Well that will depend on the duration of your outing, when and where you will be kayaking and the risks involved. This article will address some of the considerations and requisite equipment for both day paddling and multi day kayak trips. Read More

Once you decide that whitewater kayaking is for you, you will need to start the process of weeding through all of the available gear out there. It is our goal to provide you with some basic information and let you take it from there. Read More

Choosing a SUP can be an overwhelming.  Here are some things to think about before you go out and buy your first SUP or go to upgrade your current board Read More

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