SmartTrack Performance Rudder Housing

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The SmartTrack Performance Blade Housing is available with a range of mounting styles to fit your boat. Thanks to an internal leverage-rod, it's a snap to raise and lower your rudder blade with this tiller and rudder box assembly. Works in combination with SmartTrack Foil Rudder Blade.

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It’s quick to raise and lower the blade with this tiller and rudder box assembly, due to an internal leverage-rod. It protects the blade in an upright position when not in use and has adjustable spring tension that keeps the blade down in the water when in use.

All extremely rugged and corrosion proof extruded alloy parts are machined for precision fit, and coated with Teflon® 6061-T6.

The function of the blade housing is to attach the rudder blade to your kayak, and to accommodate most of the common kayaks on the market. Some of the SmartTrack housing features:

  • Spring-loaded rudder deployment and easy single-cord retraction
  • Precision machined and Teflon coated for smooth, precise performance
  • Lower pivot point allows use of smaller blade
  • Adjustable blade tension

Rear Mount

Installs on kayaks with a vertical, flat section on the stern of the kayak using the bracket that comes with the housing, available with either two or four holes which are ovalized to allow vertical adjustment. Typical examples are Seaward, Epic, Necky and Northwest kayaks.

Top Mount

Bayonet Pin

The SmartTrack Bayonet Pin fits kayaks with a rudder pivot sleeve on the rear deck where the bayonet pivots and locks with an integrated detent for easy installation or removal of the housing. Fits some Stellar Kayaks, Epic Kayak and Valley Kayak as well as other kayaks with an integrated bayonet sleeve.

Long Pin & Mid Pin

The SmartTrack Long and Mid Pin is suitable for kayaks with an extension or a vertical hole all the way through the rear of the kayak. Typical examples are Perception, Dagger and Wilderness Systems kayaks.

  • Long Pin measures 3 5/8" long with a 3/8" diameter
  • Mid Pin measures 2" long with a 3/8" diameter

Short Pin

The short pin style is typically used on kayaks the have a horizontal or step down flat area in the rear deck. Existing rudders are normally held down with a truss head screw. There is often a larger hole that can accept a nylon bushing for the short pin.

  • Short Pin measures 1 5/8" long with a 3/8" diameter