Sea‑Lect Adjustable Kayak Footbrace with Rudder Control

by: Sea-Lect

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SEA-LECT Designs™ Kayak Adjustable Footbrace has 10" of adjustable travel with only the flip of the lever. The two mounting holes (measuring 14-1/2" apart) fit most existing footbrace patterns, and the entire unit is designed to be maintenance free and self cleaning while maintaining tremendous strength. In addition, the ergonomically designed pedals are extremely comfortable... even with bare feet. Thru-hole mounting for easy user installation. Footbrace Stud Mounting Kit optional, Complete TruCourse Rudder Kit also available.

K747200B-1 20-1/4" 4-1/4" 14-1/2"
Required Hardware: All mounting hardware included, rudder and cables sold separately.
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