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Lasso Combo Security Cable

by: Lasso

Simply put, this is the best kayak security cable on the market!
The 1/4” vinyl coated aircraft cable is galvanized to resist corrosion and has and integrated tamper proof combination lock. Easy to use, no tools required, this system works well with rooftop racks and comes in a convenient Cordura stuff sack.

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Brand: Lasso

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Combo Security Cable

The Lasso Security Locking Kayak Cable comes with a customizable combination lock and can also be opened with keys that are included. You can set the combination for the Lasso Kong Security Locking Kayak Cable to any four digit number you choose.

• Made from vinyl-coated galvanized steel aircraft cable with integrated tamper-resistant barrel lock
• Just one locking cable secures the boat in two easy steps
• Touring loop size 47 in., Tandem/SOT loop size 55 in.
• Can also be opened with keys that are included
• Has re-settable combination code that you choose