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Most paddlers in our neck of the woods paddle on the Puget Sound, a saltwater body of water that provides a great diversity of kayaking options. But we do pay price to paddle in such a beautiful setting. Saltwater is tough on our gear. Lets take a moment and talk about some of the things that all paddlers who frequent the saltwater can do to prolong the life of their equipment. Read More

A discussion focusing on the advantages and disadvantage rudders or skegs on kayaks and how those differences apply to the type of kayaking you are doing. Read More

Learning how to safely fall off a SUP board and how to get back aboard are important skills to master. This article sites the best way to land in the water and different techniques for climbing back on the board, rescuing your paddle and standing back up on the board. Read More

The number one way kayaks end up damaged is during transport. A proper roof rack and kayak accessory can go a long way to minimize damage to your kayak and minimize the risk to others on the road. Selecting the proper roof rack and accessory can also have a lot to do with how often you go paddling. Get the right gear the fist time! Read More

What should you bring on your next kayak outing? Well that will depend on the duration of your outing, when and where you will be kayaking and the risks involved. This article will address some of the considerations and requisite equipment for both day paddling and multi day kayak trips. Read More