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Surf to Summit Spicy Hot Seat Cushion

by: Surf to Summit

Forget hassling with block foam, sandpaper and glue to customize whitewater or sea kayaks. Simply peel the backing off the Surf to Summit Hot Seat Spicy and it permanently secures in the cockpit.

Width = 14 inches

In Stock

Brand: Surf to Summit
GTIN: 683804604027

Tagged: adhesive-backed, cushion, outfitting, seating, surf-to-summit, under-50

Spicy Hot Seat Cushion

In addition to superior comfort and support, the seat also encourages a slightly forward posture to help the paddler better engage and utilize a thigh brace. Made from sturdy thermal-molded foam, it's available in three styles: Grande (Gray) made wider and longer to accommodate larger paddlers; Spicy (Black), the one on this page, is made a bit firmer for handling serious whitewater; Mild (Blue) made softer for calm water touring.


• Permanent adhesive backing
• Tough high grip surface for added traction
• Thermal molded foam
• Designed more for serious whitewater kayaking