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Sea‑Lect 1/16 inch Stainless Steel Thimble with Swedges (Pair)

by: Sea-Lect Designs Item # 442295015
Sea-Lect Thimble with Swedges are used to attach rudder cables to Rudder housings or foot pedals.

Brand: Sea-Lect Designs
MPN: K171103-1
GTIN: 0656566006460

Tagged: accessories, cable, crimp, parts, rudder-systems, sea-lect, stainless, swedge, thimble, under-50

1/16 inch Stainless Steel Thimble with Swedges (Pair)

Maximize the life of your cable! Thimbles protect rudder lines from abraison when attaching to rough or threaded pins. Don't get stuck on the water, use a thimble; the life you save just might be your rudder cable's. 2 Thimbles per package.

*Crimping tool required


Bulk Display A (Wire Dia.) B C D E F Weight
n/a K171103-1 1/16" 11/16" 3/8" 7/8" 3/8" 1/16" .03

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