NSI Padz Foam Adjustable Kayak Hip Padz

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Ergonomically designed, mini cell foam Hip Pads for Kayaks.

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The NSI Adjustable Kayak Hip Padz has an increased height and hook profile. This accommodates the natural shape of the hip and eliminates compression and pressure points. Adjustable Hip Padz have a unique Velcro system so pads can be removed or replaced with thicker or thinner pads, allowing on boat to fit anyone. Most importantly you don't need to sweat gluing it into the right place. You can simply pull it away from the velcro and re-position. Once in place they will not move or shift out of place. This eliminates much of the the mess and fuss of gluing and sanding multiple shim pieces to achieve the perfect fit. Easy peel & stick installation. Set of two also comes with a small piece of sandpaper for fine tuning. . Size Large to fit most everybody. Price is for a pair. Putting a quantity of 1 in your card will get you a pair (left and right).