Paddling Pants

Paddling pants are a must have piece of kayak clothing for any kayaker. Most are waterproof, breathable and designed to withstand the changing elements. Roomy fit allows for easy layering, letting you kayak longer no matter the paddling conditions. Paddling pants designed for kayaking are made using lightweight and fast-drying materials, usually nylon or polyester. Most paddling pants lack the rubber gaskets that would make them truly waterproof, but some do feature neoprene ankle gaskets that do a decent job of keeping water out. For really cold conditions, you may want to add a drytop with you pant set-up. When kayakers are searching for a good pair of paddling pants, we recommend one of our top brands like KokatatStohlquist, and NRS! These companies all make high quality paddling gear and clothing designed specifically for kayaking.