Gear Aid

From the cities to the forests and to the oceans, you will find Gear Aid. Shedding water off the jacket of the avid hunter. Patching the holes in the sleeping bag of the thru-hiker. Cleaning the salt from the wetsuit of the ocean surfer. Gear Aid knows adventure and the gear that is essential for it. Camping. Paddling. Diving. Skiing. Hunting. Fishing. For more than 35 years they’ve been seeking to solve your problems.

It is the mission of Gear Aid to get more people outside—using their hands in the process. Whether you're kayaking, camping or fishing, you encounter times where you need to fix your gear. When your gear shows wear, it shows love. Gear Aid provides the tools to repair an maintain your well loved and expensive gear in like new condition, thereby increasing performance, saving money, and consuming less in the process. Gear Aid products maximize the use of every piece of gear you buy.