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Sea‑Lect Snap Hook

by: Sea-Lect Designs

The Sea-Lect Designs Stainless Snap Hook 3-1/4 Inch is Ideal for a variety of tasks; clipping lines to boats, attaching dry bags and packs, good for securing paddles, it is the perfect gear attachment around water and for use on watercraft as well as dry land applications.

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Brand: Sea-Lect Designs
GTIN: 656566002240

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Snap Hook

  • AISI 316 Stainless
  • Gear attachment hook
  • Sold Individualy


Bulk Display A B C D B.S. (lb.) Weight
K151560 K151560-1 1/4" 2-3/8" 5/16" 5/16" 700 .06
K151580 K151580-1 5/16" 3-1/8" 7/16" 3/8" 1,400 .14