North Water Regulation Micro Tow

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Compact, fast, easy to use and priced to match. Same bag style as the award winning Sea Tec Tow Line but half the size. A simple and effective tow system for a SUP paddler or beginning sea kayaker. Read More 

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This waist worn tow system accommodates a pre-set but adjustable short or long tow. Two light weight carabiners give you up to 75 pound towing strength and are anchored to the outside of the pouch on either side for immediate access. Unclip one biner for a short tow then unclip the other for a long tow. If you need to tow two boats it is already set up.

  • Small waist paddlers love the compact size
  • Roll up style pouch is easy to re-stuff and close
  • Quickly switch from pre-set short (17') to long tow (50').
  • Bag stays securely closed until needed with strong Velcro Opening
  • Easily set up for different towing scenarios involving two or three boats.
  • Yellow and Black floating rope is easy to see on the water.
  • Waist belt equipped with quick release cam buckle


Line Diameter (inches): 1/4" Poly Pro  Line Length: 50ft   Bag Size (inches): 11"x2"x3"  Weight:  440g