Eddyline Rio

by: Eddyline

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At just under 12 feet in length and only 35 lbs, the Eddyline Rio is an excellent small person's recreational kayak with performance and safety features normally found only on sea kayaks.

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Only 35 lbs!

The Eddyline Rio is ready for the first time paddler, combining comfortable stability with a playful and efficient hull.

The Eddyline Rio is ideal for smaller paddlers looking for a recreational style kayak with spirited performance and nimble handling. With its manageable size and light weight, the Rio is effortless for day use but with features of a sea kayak it is appropriate for a huge range of paddling destinations.

Lightweight and compact with cockpit ergonomics perfect for smaller paddlers while providing the features and performance found in touring boat including sealed hatches and bulkheads bow and stern for safety and storage convenience, a performance hull featuring hard chines and light rocker for exceptional stability and tracking all combined with Eddyline’s striking looks and fit and finish with fusion welded seams, hand sanded edges, and recessed deck fittings providing a clean look and snag free re-entry.


Carbonlite 2000 brings the technology of plastic kayaks to an entirely new level of performance. Eddyline pioneered this technology and Carbonlite 2000 is an Eddyline exclusive. The material looks and performs like fiberglass with clear advantages over other plastics: dimensional stability and increased stiffness, higher heat distortion temperatures, hard glossy “non fuzzing” finishes with excellent abrasion and impact resistance, easy repairability, superior UV resistance and lighter weights. Carbonlite 2000 is extremely tough, but it is also easily repaired in the event of an accident. It has endured the test of time in the hands of many paddlers, liveries and tour operators and is highly suitable for nearly all kayak applications.

Eddyline is committed to manufacturing in an environmentally responsible manner. Carbonlite 2000 is 100% recyclable (as are the bulkheads, cockpit and seat), all scrap plastic is recycled and virtually no waste is generated.

Fits Smaller Paddlers
Length 11' 9"
Width 24"
Depth 13.5"
Cockpit 33.2" x 17.5"
Weight 35 lbs.
Capacity 270 lbs.
Construction Thermoform Plastic
Tracking System None
Storage Hatches Bow & Stern
Best Use Light Touring, Day Paddling, Bays, Lakes, Lazy Rivers