Used Equipment

Investment in a new outdoor activity can be daunting, so starting with used gear can be great way to dip your toes in. Take advantage of our more than thirty years of experience to help you find that perfect piece of equipment you can trust. Experienced and knowledgeable staff means you can get your questions answered, and you can be comfortable knowing what you are getting. Looking to save more on accessories? Check out our Outlet section!

Used Kayak Inventory

Used Stand Up Paddleboard Inventory

Used Mountain Bike Inventory

Used Gear Ratings

A+ Like New May have been paddled once or twice, hard to tell it has seen the water.
A Barely Used Paddled a handful of times. Has a few scratches, possibly just from moving around in storage. Everything but that new boat smell.
B Used Still looks pretty good. Visible scratches but the hull is rigid and boards are watertight. Should allow for several more years of use.
C Well Used Lots of scratches, hull may have minor oil-canning. Could have received several repairs. Has at least a few seasons left in it.
D Heavily Used Loved near to death. Significant oil-canning, heavily scratched, some deep gouges. Still floats. Lowest cost option for starting out.
F Great for garden planters and yard art.

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