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Johns Columbia River Kayak Trip 2017

 Hello and Thank You for coming to my trip page.

If you are following my current trip and want to see my location click the link below:

In 2015 I came up with the idea to paddle the Columbia river, not the whole 1234 miles of the river but portions of the river that today may be as pristine as when man first discovered it or as much as I could find. I pictured this as FUN and exciting as just a handful of people try this each year.

My 2017 Trip plan is from Revelstoke BC to Kettle Falls Washington a distance of 240 miles.

The reason I am doing this is that I thought it would be a great adventure and in the paddle strokes of those who came before me like Canadian explorer David Thompson, Americans Lewis and Clark, numerous Native American tribes, and many more that were some of the first to see the river and utilize its resources. I spent the winter of 2015 getting ready by engrossing myself in the history, geography, and planning for the 2016 trip.

Johns 2016 Columbia River Trip

I made a trip in 2016 of 200 miles from Golden BC to Revelstoke and have documented it some YouTube videos that will give you an idea of the experience.

Click Here for a List of All Videos: Click Here