Northwest Kayaks Cadence (2001)

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The Cadence is one of the original quality, handcrafted Northwest Kayaks singles and has been a staple of outfitters who paddle in Alaska and Baja. This particular kayak has been well-maintained and comes with newly updated deck rigging. We also have a variety of upgrades available for this and our other preowned kayaks, such as improved seating, high-performance rudders, and adjustable footbraces.

Los kayaks y tablas de remo solo están disponibles para recogida en tienda o entrega local dentro del oeste de Washington.

The Cadence is the largest of the Northwest Kayaks singles; well proportioned, versatile and stable, with a roomy cockpit and generous legroom making it perfectly suited for the larger paddler.

  • Extremely stable when loaded
  • Handcrafted and outfitter proven
  • Large cargo space ideal for single kayak expeditions
  • Hard chine for both initial and secondary stability
  • Northwest Kayaks RORS rudder system
  • Front and rear bulkheads
  • Outfitter tough Bow and stern U-Bolts and ergonomic carrying handles