Rental Terms and Conditions

At Olympic Outdoor Center our goal is to see that you have an incredible experience with our equipment and staff.  Please read through the following section to learn more about our expectations and policies.


We do not take reservations for on-site hourly rentals unless you have a group of 6 or more. We do take reservations for full day and multi-day rentals.

To reserve a Kayak, SUP or Mountain Bike for a day or multi-day rental, please phone us (360.297.4659) with the following details: number and type of gear to be rented, date and time of pickup, and date and time of return. We also provide a delivery service to drop off and retrieve the gear for group rentals.  Deliveries start at $100.

Offsite Rentals:

Need some gear for a long weekend, class or trip?  You may take Kayaks, SUP's or mountain bikes to your favorite stomping grounds.  Please read through the following terms and conditions and let us know if you any questions:

  • Weekend offsite rentals must be picked up after 3pm Friday and returned Monday before noon.
  • All day and multi-day rentals are paid for in advance at time of reservation.
  • Late Returns: Are subject to additional fees based on the amount of time over. Please call us if you are going to be late.
  • Off site rentals must be carried on roof racks that meet our approval. They may not to be carried in the bed of a pickup truck, or on the roofs of cars without suitable racks. Boats must be properly secured by the renter.  Rental racks are available, but renters must phone ahead to confirm that our available racks can be attached to your vehicle.
  • There is a $20 cleaning fee for equipment that is returned dirty and will be charged once gear is returned.  Please take the time to clean kayaks, paddleboards, and equipment before returning them to Olympic.

*Early Returns: Sorry NO refunds.  

Onsite Rentals:

We of course want all of our customers to have a good time while out on the water, here are our expectations and some things we have learned after 25 years of sending people out on the water.

  • PFD's (Lifejackets) must be worn at all times.  Please do not take your lifejacket off once you get away from our facility.
  • Please do not consume alcohol or partake in any other substance that will effect your ability to make sound decisions while out on the water
  • All participants must sign a release form.  Participants who are under 18 need to have a legal guardian present to fill out paperwork.  If that is not possible you may Download Rental Release Form: and send it with the minors who are interested in participating.
  • Give local wildlife their space.  Harbor seals haul out to rest and sun themselves during the day.  Do not get within 100 yards, especially if there are pups in the mix.  Spooking the parents can lead to accidental fatalities among-st the young seals.
  • Paddle upwind first, that way if the conditions worsen you can make it back to the facility.

Renters are responsible for the full replacement value of any equipment lost, damaged, or stolen.