Yakima Q Clips Q14

by: Yakima

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No Q Tower is complete without custom fitted Q Clips. Sleek stainless steel minimizes interference with your door seal, while the custom fit and accompanying base pad connect securely to your vehicle. Note: Q-Clips are sold in pairs. Most racks will require two sets - see Yakima's fit guide for more information. 

Compatible with

Cadillac Seville 92-97

Chevrolet Cavalier 2dr/4dr 95-04/ with q stretch kit, Colorado Crew Cab/ext. Cab/ Reg. Cab 2dr/4dr / With q stretch kit, Lumina 4dr 95-00, Monte Carlo 95-99/ with q stretch kit

Chrysler fifth Avenue 90-93, Imperial 90-91, New Yorker 90-92

Dodge Dakota Club/Ext. Cab 4dr 97-04/ Std. Cab 2dr 97-04

Geo Prizm 4dr 93-97

GMC Canyon Crew Cab 4dr 04-10/ Ext. Cab/ Reg. Cab

Honda Prelude 88-91

Hyundai Excel 4dr/5dr 86-89

Infiniti G20 91-96

Isuzu i-280 Ext. Cab 4dr 2006, i-290 Ext. Cab 07-08, i-350 Crew Cab 2006, i-370 crew cab/Ext. Cab 07-08, Impulse 2dr 83-89

Lexus GS300 93-96, SC300 92-99, SC400 92-99

Oldsmobile Alero 2dr 99-04

Pontiac Grand Am 2dr 99-04, Sunfire 2dr 95-04, Sunfire 4dr 95-02

Toyota Camry 2dr 94-96, Camry Wagon 92-96 naked roof, Camry/ Camry hybrid 4dr 92-96

info Yakima Q Clips are Special Order and generally ship in 2-5 days.