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Whiz Freedom Feminine Funnel

by: Whiz Freedom

Ladies, the Whiz® Freedom funnel comes to the rescue! You'll wonder how you ever lived without one before. Not only is the Whiz so handy to have on boating trips, you'll love it for any outdoor activity.

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Brand: Whiz Freedom
MPN: 73000.01.100

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Feminine Funnel

Easily relieve yourself without having to take off your drysuit.

Made from a medical-grade, latex free, anti-bacterial and water repellent thermoplastic elastomer. Give the Whiz a flick of the wrist when done and liquids shed in a blink of the eye. The Whiz is flexible and will fit into a small pocket or purse for discreet carrying. Essential for the outdoors woman!

  • 6" total length, 4" wide cup opening
  • Machine or dishwasher safe