Werner Zen 85 LeverLock® Adjustable Fiberglass Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle

by: Werner

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Before even getting to the water you will feel the balance and see the beauty of the Adjustable Zen 85. The Premium fiberglass process blends perfection in craftsmanship and materials for a stiff, light, elegant looking blade. Read More

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Feel the balance of the Zen 85. Werners Premium fiberglass process blends perfection in both craftsmanship and materials by providing a stiff, light and beautiful looking blade.

Using the simple, user-friendly LeverLock® Adjustment System, the Zen 95 fits paddlers within a 16" height range from 5'-6'4". Adjustment is done with the "flip of a switch" and the shaft is easily marked with paddler height. These SUP's paddles are slightly heavier than their one piece cousins, but that is the price convenience and versatility.

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  • Werner's Premium Performance paddles are the most impact resistant and offer the ideal combination of lightweight, stiffness and durability, with the perfect amount of elegance.
  • The innovated slender, rectangular blade shape results in high cadence with less fatigue, making it easier on the body with a more gentle catch.
  • 10 degree blade-to-shaft offset is the best compromise for forward paddling and bracing, perfect for the paddler who does a bit of everything, from touring to surfing, fishing to fitness.
  • Small sized 85 square inch blade suits those wanting to limit exertion and to those of smaller to mid-size stature.
  • As general rules-of-thumb for proper paddle length, add 8 inches to your height for surf paddling and 10 inches for touring/cruising.
  • The small shaft option offers paddlers with smaller hands the proper fit which results in a lighter grip and better technique eliminating fatigue.
Small-sized blades fit small to average size paddlers
Blade Length 17.75 in 45 cm
Blade Width 6.5 in 17 cm
Surface Area 85 in² 548 cm²
Weight 20 oz 564 g
Weight (LeverLock) 23.5 oz 666 g
Blade Material Premium Fiberglass
Blade Shape Symmetrical
Shaft Material Carbon Blend
Adjustable Optional 70-86" LeverLock Adjustment system
Breakdown No
Best Use Recreation, Day Paddling, Light Touring, Yoga

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