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Sweet Protection Rocker Helmet (Closeout)

by: Sweet Protection

The Rocker is a high performance helmet for the roughest conditions. Read More

Brand: Sweet Protection
GTIN: 7071611034589

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Rocker Helmet (Closeout)

The Sweet Protection Rocker is constructed with extremely dependable Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon (TLC) shell technology, which combines the elasticity of injection-molded thermoplastic with the rigidity and strength of carbon fiber. This enables Sweet to effectively tune the shell for different properties in different areas: the shell is softer in the crown area, which due to the rigid spherical geometry is better for impacts, and stiffer along the sides where the larger radius benefits from the rigid carbon fiber. Carbon fiber represents more than half of the total area of the top shell. The neck-hugging Occigrip tensioning system provides a secure fit, and the Coolmax liner ensures you stay cool and comfortable. A shatterproof visor and ear pads are included.

Shell Technology

TLC Shell Technology
Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon fiber (TLC) is a brand new technology developed by Sweet Protection that combines the elasticity of injection molded thermoplastic with the rigidity and strength of carbon fiber. This technology enables a very effective fine tuning of the properties needed in different zones of the cranium for optimized performance.
ABS Thermoplastic Shell
The injection molded ABS Thermoplastic Shell is super impact resistant through its special rubber toughened construction. It offers great durability and protection performance. The special geometry of the shell further enhances impact performance as well as providing a superior fit.

Impact Absorption Technology

EPP Shock Absorbing Liner
The molded Expanded Polypropylene liner provides very durable shock- absorbing properties. It will cope with high energy levels and provides some memory. Also, it‘s super light.

Comfort & Fit

Makes the helmet easily adjustable with a low volume mechanism. The Occigrip construction provides a firm and comfortable fit and prevents the helmet from rolling on your head.
Washable Coolmax Liner
Anti-allergic, moisture wicking, removable/washable and provides great comfort in a wide range of temperatures.
Place as you please, for the ultimate personalized fit.
Adjustable Shatter Resistant Visor
Made from Superlight ABS material. Mounting hardware included.