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Suunto MCB NH Mirror Compass

by: Suunto

Perfect for kayakers and other mariners--a durable lightweight mirror compass that floats.

info All of our compasses are balanced for the northern hemisphere.

Brand: Suunto
GTIN: 0045235400676

Tagged: Compass, Navigation, suunto, under-50

MCB NH Mirror Compass

  • Floating polypropylene lid has a sighting mirror that locks at set angles of 60,120 and 180 degrees
  • Liquid-filled capsule steadies the tungsten steel needle quickly; sapphire jeweled bearing pivot
  • Notched rotating bezel turns easily; 0 - 360 degrees in 2-degree increments
  • Fixed declination scale allows the user to account for the difference between magnetic and true north
  • Clear plastic base allows visibility of maps and charts beneath the compass
  • Map scale displayed in inches and millimeters
  • Detachable snap-lock nylon lanyard with whistle


Measurements 56  x  68  x  18  mm
Weight 36 g
Measurements 2.2  x  2.68 x  0.71 "
Weight 1.27 oz
Metric scales cm
Imperial scales inch
Balanced for northern hemisphere
Declination correction fixed scale