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Snap Dragon River Trek Flirt Spray Skirt. Designed specifically for women and small paddlers. Read More

info Special order skirt sizes are non-returnable and require a 1-2 week build time.
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Features a shorter tunnel and a conical design providing a slightly larger area at the base. The whitewater flirt is constructed of all neoprene. Snap Dragon Trek skirts are Rapidly becoming a favorite of White Water kayakers looking for a durable, abrasion resistant skirt. The River Trek features a taut neoprene deck, without the struggle of putting it on.  A good choice for paddlers in class 2-3 water.  If you are paddling bigger water you may want to consider the EXP or Armortex materials from Snap Dragon.  These alternative materials have much less stretch to them  making the deck much less susceptible to implosion.

Learn more about Choosing a Whitewater Spray Skirt

If you do not see the deck or waist size you need we can have a custom size shipped to your door.  If your size does not appear on any fit list give us a call 1800-592-5983, send an Instant message or email. We are happy to help get you the size you need.

NOTE: Cockpit measurements should be taken from the outside edge of the cockpit rim at the maximum points. Do not rely on literature as it can be measurements from inside the rim and often times not accurate.

CUSTOM DECKS: Custom Decks may be ordered by making a template of the cockpit. On paper (not cardboard or wood) trace with black marker around the outside edge of the rim. Mark the seat back position. Place the order and mail the template to: KayakPro Shop PO BOX 236 Port Gamble WA 98364

Size Description Circumference (inches) Circumference (cm)
XXS ExtraExtraSmall 24-26 61-66
XS ExtraSmall 26-28 66-71
S Small 28-30 71-76
M Medium 30-32 76-81
L Large 32-35 81-89
XL ExtraLarge 35-38 89-96.5
XXL ExtraExtraLarge 38-40 96.5-101.5

The most water tight seal of any tube models.
Neoprene Tubes become stretchier when wet.
Custom sizes may be ordered for sizes smaller than XXS and larger than XXL.

Size Description Width (inches) Length (inches Width (cm) Length (cm)
L Large 18 33-35 46 84-89
LL LargeLong 17 35 43 89
M Medium 18 32-34 46 81-86
ML MediumLong 17 33 43 84
S Small 18 30-32 46 76-81
XL ExtraLarge 19 36-37 48 91-94
XS ExtraSmall 17 28-30 43 71-76
XXL ExtraExtraLarge 20-22 37-38 51-56 94-96.5

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