SmartTrack Performance Toe Pilot Rudder Control Kayak Foot Braces

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Ergonomically designed, the two part Toe Pilot rudder control foot brace consists of a fixed lower half of pedal to provide solid bracing at all times, and a movable toe piece which allows rudder operation.

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These SmartTrack Performance foot braces feature super tough aluminum rails for increased rigidity and durability paired with Toe Pilot rudder controls so that instead of sliding your feet forward and back as with standard pedals, your feet stay braced at all times. Upper pedals do the steering so your stability and balance are never compromised. Lets you maintain control while directing energy from your torso directly to your stroke. Paddling more efficiently means you can paddle longer.

• Control the rudder with your feet
• Keeps your feet braced at all times
• Maintain control and efficiency
• Easy to install
• Sold as a pair
• Holes are 14.5" apart on Center