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SmartTrack Top Mount Mid Pin Rudder Blade Housing

by: SmartTrack

It’s quick to raise and lower the blade with this tiller and rudder box assembly, due to an internal leverage-rod. It protects the blade in an upright position when not in use, and has adjustable spring tension that keeps the blade down in the water when in use.

All extremely rugged and corrosion proof extruded alloy parts are machined for precision fit, and coated with Teflon® 6061-T6.

The SmartTrack Mid-Pin Blade Housing is perfectly suited for Confluence and Wilderness Systems Kayaks when used with the Mid-Pin Bracket(See part #ST3822).

  • Pin diameter 3/8″ x 2″ Long


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Brand: SmartTrack
MPN: ST3818
GTIN: 36565176

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Top Mount Mid Pin Rudder Blade Housing

Deployment is effortless due to the tension spring mounted in the rudder itself. Retraction is also made easy due to the single line, dual action mechanism in the Blade Housing. The blade pivot point on the SmartTrack Control System blade housing is significantly lower than on all over-the-center rudders. This allows the use of a smaller rudder blade. This results in more than 50% less windage when in the retracted position. The unique tension spring assures you that the Foil Blade is down in the water, not trailing behind. Tighten the tension spring when in rough conditions or surf landings and loosen in stable conditions or when paddling along coastal areas with significant amounts of kelp.

This component of the SmartTrack system is like stealth technology it looks like a hunk of black metal, but it's actually a very sophisticated piece of equipment. This is where it starts to matter which kayak you're putting the thing on, so pay attention.

The function of the blade housing is to attach the rudder blade to your kayak, and to accommodate most of the common kayaks on the market. Some of the SmartTrack housing features:

  • Easy single-cord retraction
  • Precision machined and Teflon coated for smooth, precise performance
  • Lower pivot point allows use of smaller blade
  • Adjustable blade tension
  • Foil Blade Sold Seperately