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Riot Mako 14 Impulse Drive Cross‑Light Fishing Kayak

by: Riot

The New Mako 14 was created with big adventures in mind. This pedal kayak was designed to carry a ton of gear and perform well on flat water or big water. Perfect platform for fishing, photography or diving with its open stern transom. Our Impulse Drive pedal unit is the simplest and the lightest on the market, open to the elements yet requiring no special maintenance. Our fully adjustable comfort seat with a high supportive back, is quick to dry. The rudder steering box can be placed on either side to suit your preference. The Mako series is available in 10’, 12’ and 14’ models with more to come.

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Mako 14 Impulse Drive Cross-Light Fishing Kayak

Cross-Light construction perfectly combines the advantages of rotomolded and composite boats. It creates a boat that is up to 25% lighter, stiffer, and faster, and, let’s face it, that looks better than a comparable rotomolded boat. Meanwhile it is significantly tougher and more affordable than a comparable composite boat. With Cross-Light you get it all: lightweight, beautiful, tough, and durable.

Stand out Features :

  • Impulse Drive with reversible prop
  • Drytech Deluxe mesh frame & movable seat
  • Pilot rudder system with hand steering
  • Abundant tracks to mount accessories
  • Removable transom for easy diving re-entry


Length 14' (427 cm)
Width 37" (94 cm)
Weight (CrossMax / Ultralight) 36 kg (79 lbs) / 29.5 kg (65 lbs)
Impulse Drive Weight 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
Max Displacement 249.5 kg (550 lbs)