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Riot Escape 12 Angler Cross‑Light Fishing Kayak

by: Riot

Designed for fishing-minded kayakers and equipped with features for serious anglers, the Angler version of the Escape 12 is a great combination of stability and performance with an excellent load capacity to keep you well provisioned and properly organized. Perfect for all fishing environments

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Brand: Riot
MPN: Escape 12 AN-LW

Tagged: 1000-to-1999, fishing, flatwater, flatwater-kayaking, kayak, riot, rudder, sit-on-top, thermoformed

Escape 12 Angler Cross-Light Fishing Kayak

Cross-Light construction perfectly combines the advantages of rotomolded and composite boats. It creates a boat that is up to 25% lighter, stiffer, and faster, and, let’s face it, that looks better than a comparable rotomolded boat. Meanwhile it is significantly tougher and more affordable than a comparable composite boat. With Cross-Light you get it all: lightweight, beautiful, tough, and durable.

Features :

  • Drytech
  • New Flex Comfort Seat
  • 4 flush mount rod holder & 1 swivel rod holder
  • Anchor trolley system
  • Milk Crate ready


Length (CrossMax/CrossLight) 12’ (3.66m) / 11'9" (363 cm)
Width (CrossMax/CrossLight) 30” (77cm) / 29.9" (76 cm)
Weight (CrossMax/CrossLight) 68.2 lbs (31 kg) / 51.4 lbs (23.3 kg)
Max Displacement 300 lbs (136kg)
Inner Cockpit size inches (cm) NA
Cockpit height 12.5" (31.75 cm)
Béluga Skirt size NA