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Old Town ACS2 Replacement Kayak Seat Kit

by: Old Town

Designed for all day comfort the ACS seat features a visible, intuitive adjustment system, multi-laminate construction for optimal support and softness, an enhanced seating surface for superior air-flow and drainage and lateral stabilizers which lock the seat in place for that "one with the boat" feeling.

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Brand: Old Town
MPN: 01.1332.0056

Tagged: 100-to-249, Discontinuedd, old-town

ACS2 Replacement Kayak Seat Kit

The four-way adjustable seat tailors individual backrest height, thigh support, lumbar support and backrest angle to provide a truly customized ride.

ACS seat kits can only be used to replace the Extrasport Xtra Comfort seats and does not work on old style Extrasport Xtra Comfort seats with ratchets.

Seat Dimensions 24" wide at base, 20" Wide at strut, 19" Long at base, 15" high fully extended