Kayak Surfing by Bill Mattos

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The most up-to-date, inspiring, and helpful guide to kayak surfing ever published, Kayak Surfing is a modern and visually dynamic resource by a leading expert in the sport. Read More

From basic principles to surfing etiquette, advanced technique, and the psychology and philosophy of ocean wave riding, this book covers it all. Featuring stunning photographs from pioneering sessions across the globe—from Cornwall in the United Kingdom, to South Africa, to Tahiti—fill the book. Bill Mattos's conversational style and clear explanations, further ensure that Kayak Surfing is, hands-down, the only book on the subject worth having—whether for experienced surfers or those yet to make the leap into the surf.

About the Author

Bill Mattos is a leading international surfing competitor and the author of several books on kayaking and canoeing.

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