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7 Figure Dry Suit (2016)

by: Immersion Research

The 7Figure is IR's top-of-the-line dry suit; A culmination of everything learned during 15 years of gear manufacturing.Read More

7 Figure Dry Suit (2016)

Made with Immersion Researches proprietary waterproof breathable technology custom-made for the rigors of paddlesports.  The foundation of the 7Figure drysuit is IR’s proprietary WhiteOut PU laminate.  This waterproof, breathable and highly durable mid layer has withstood the tests of time and, with proper care, will last many paddling seasons.  The outer shell of the 7Figure is made of polyester; giving the 7Figure its durability, another layer of waterproofing and great UV protection. 

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  • Rear-entry zip allows for better range of motion and a drier, unified outer tunnel.
  • Supple 100% recycled polyester shell has a great hand feel and is inherently water repellant. Fabric weight is 220 gm/ sq. meter
  • Fabric socks are breathable and easy to slip on
  • All glued-in gaskets, Neoprene neck gasket cover and hook and loop wrist closures
  • Simple design with a focus on extraordinary materials offers exactly what high-end kayakers need- and does away with anything unnecessary.

    By spending your money on an piece of IR gear, you’ve trusted IR to keep you warm, safe and comfortable on the river. In exchange for that trust, here’s what they promise to you:

    • We stand behind our products 100%. We can’t promise that your kayaking gear will last forever, but we can promise to take care of any defects in materials, workmanship or design for the life of the garment.
    • We want to offer the best customer service on earth.   When you call us, a real-live expert kayaker will pick up the phone ready to help and answer any questions you have. Same for emails. We’re paddlers, and we’re in this business because we like to help other paddlers.
    • We service your gear as quickly as humanly possible. Kayaking is tough on gear, that’s why we have a full time in-house staff and a complete machine set dedicated to expert repairs on any piece of IR gear.
    • We always look out for your best interest. We’re believers in karma. When we go the extra yard to make sure you’re 100% happy with your IR purchase, we know that we are doing the right thing. That’s all that matters.


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