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Hanz Lightweight Waterproof Glove

by: Hanz Item # 490084419

Whether you need complete protection from rain and cold while sitting in a blind or casting flies on a freezing creek, or need waterproof comfort and grip while doing sports in the rain, HANZ® gloves provide unmatched protection and reliability.

Brand: Hanz
SKU: hnz014

Tagged: Apparel, discontinued, gloves, handwear, under-50, waterproof

Lightweight Waterproof Glove

Seamless and stretchable, HANZ® gloves are built with a three-layer construction and breathable MVT membrane to keep you dry. Every waterproof glove is performance-tested in the factory before it's allowed out into the field.  Three-layer membrane construction glove with minimal bulk, ensures protection and grip for multi-sport activities in wet conditions with moderate temperatures.

CUFF LENGTH: Wrist cuff CONSTRUCTION: Three-layer construction, securely bonded throughout entire glove LINER: HANZ® wicking liner for moisture management MEMBRANE: HANZ® stretchable waterproof, breathable MVT membrane SHELL: Nylon/Lycra® Spandex offering a durable, flexible, stretch covering


  • Palms covered with abrasion-resistant grip dots

  • Low-bulk, stretch-to-fit construction provides superior dexterity and tactility

  • Seamless design provides the ultimate in performance and comfort without annoying ridges and pressure points

  • Every glove is pressure tested to ensure it has no leaks

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