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Looking for a high quality drysuit rental for that next paddling, sailing, rafting, or on water excursion for less. Look no further as Olympic has a large selection of dry and semi-dry suits to suit most needs.

Short Term drysuit rentals are for 1-7 days.

For long term rentals from 8 to 34 days click here.

For premium GORETEX long term 30 day rentals click here.

Maybe you've heard how great dry suits are and want to try one before you buy. We have the answer for you – a drysuit rental.

We are the rental for the average paddler. Our drysuits are not suited for whitewater and extreme paddling but for outings where staying dry and comfortable are the utmost priority. Our suits are totally 100% waterproof, use high quality totally breathable fabrics from major manufacturers and can be used for most types of paddling, touring, classes, events, and more.

These Rental dry-suits are high quality suits from Kokatat and NRS.  Dry Suit rentals come with booties to protect the suit socks.  If you are interested in renting a dry suit for an upcoming class or trip, please give us a call: 360.297.4659 and we can talk about your stature to ensure the proper suit fit. 


  • There is no refund if returned early but we appreciate your kindness. The duration on the page is set and can not be changed which is the maximum available. If returning early please put the date expected to return in the comments. 
  • Drysuit does not include a Spray Tunnel
  • Drysuits are not made of Gore-Tex but of other high quality waterproof/breathable fabrics.
  • Drysuits are from major manufacturers like Kokatat and Northwest River Supply (NRS)
  • Drysuits include relief zipper (men and women) and socks
  • Drysuits are 100% waterproof
  • Drysuit may be back or front entry zip depending on  model, Call if concerned.
  • Rental includes drysuit and booties
  • Drysuit may have either a Latex or Neoprene Neck Gasket
    • Semi-Dry Suits have comfort Neoprene/GlideSkin Neck Gasket
    • Dry will have  a Latex Neck Gasket
  • Dry-suits are checked after every rental
  • A $200 damage deposit is taken at time of order and refunded after the suit is returned.
  • Drysuits are NOT FOR SCUBA or other types of DIVING
  • Drysuits are not shipped internationally

What's Included

    • Dry Suit
      • Neoprene Booties

        Neck Seal Options:

        Semi-Dry (Neoprene Neck) Seal?

        This seal is made of neoprene on the outside and a smooth skin on the inside. Best for easy to moderate activities such as sea kayaking, rafting, canoeing. Most comfortable fit and feel. Does not fit as secure as latex but is much more comfortable while being water proof.

        Dry (Latex Neck) Seal?

        This seal is made of latex and is the most secure and can be used for more extreme outings like whitewater or expeditions. Less comfortable and applies pressure to the neck that some people feel is restrictive.

        Front Zip or Rear Zip Suit?

        Drysuit zippers can be front diagonal zip or rear across the back zip. We have both kinds of zippers. Our dry latex neck Kokatat suits are all front zip and our semi-dry NRS suits are back zip. Rear zips may require someone to help the wearer seal the suit. Rear zip suits are more comfortable due to not having the bulky zipper in the front.

        Relief Zippers?

        All of our suits have relief zippers. The mens suit have the front across the pelvis zipper and the women have the arched zipper across the lower back. Both can be used without having to take the drysuit off to go to the bathroom. Make sure you zip them back up after use as some surprised wearers have found out when immersed.

        Ordering Instructions:

        • Click the selected Gender, Size, and Length of Rental
        • Click the Calendar on the date you want the suit to ship from Olympic (excluding Saturdays and Sundays)
        • Click NEXT to go to Additional Information Screen and enter all fields like height, weight, etc.
        • Click Book Now to go to checkout.
        • After receiving your order we will contact you and confirm information

        Drysuit Rental Terms:

            • We expect these suits to be used so a little wear is normal. However, if you tear the suit, rip a gasket, or destroy the socks you’ll be responsible for covering the damage.
              • When ordering, Please let us know as far in advance as possible. Letting us know far ahead of time will help us guarantee we’ll have the size you need when you need it and delivered when you need it.
                • You must wear shoes or booties over top of dry suit socks. Dry suit socks are made to keep you dry but aren’t designed for walking around without shoes. Walking or even standing in dry suit socks can damage them and cause leaks. When changing into your dry suit take care to stand on a tarp, carpet square, tupperware lid, or a floor mat from your car.
                  • Do your best to keep sand and dirt out of the dry suit. Sand and debris can wreak havoc on the inside of the suit. Brush off your socks and under layers before you put the suit on. When you’re done for the day turn the suit inside out and try go get as much sand and dirt off the inside of the suit as possible.
                    • Our dry suits are for kayaking, canoeing or rafting and cannot be used for diving or diving certification course of any type. 
                    • You are not allowed to trim/cut the neck gasket, if you do you forfeit your deposit.
                      • Expedited shipping is available but it’s not cheap. Planning ahead will make it easier for us and cheaper for you. See shipping choices at checkout.

                          Mens Sizing

                          Size Height Weight (lbs) Chest Waist
                          XXS 4'9"-5'1" 80-100 24"-28" 23"-26"
                          XS 4'11"-5'3" 90-125 28"-32" 26"-29"
                          S 5'2"-5'6" 115-140 32"-36" 28"-31"
                          M 5'5"-5'8" 130-165 36"-40" 30"-33"
                          L 5'7"-6'0" 150-195 39"-43" 32"-35"
                          XL 5'10"-6'2" 185-225 42"-46" 34"-37"
                          XXL 6'1"-6'4" 215-245 46"-50" 36"-42"
                          3XL 6'3"-6'5" 230-255 49"-52" 36"-44"
                          4XL 6'4"-6'6" 245+ 51"-53" 43"-46"

                          Womens Sizing

                          Size Height Weight (lbs) Bust Waist Hips Numeric Size
                          XS 4'8"-5'2" 90-115 30"-33" 24"-27" 34"-37" 4
                          S 5'1"-5'6" 110-135 32"-34" 26"-30" 36"-39" 6
                          M 5'5"-5'8" 130-155 33"-37" 29"-33" 38"-42" 8
                          L 5'7"-5'10" 150-180 35"-39" 32"-36" 40"-44" 10
                          XL 5'9"-6'0" 175-210 38"-42" 35"-39" 42"-46" 12 - 14
                          XXL 5'11"-6'2" 200-220 41"-43" 38"-41" 44"-48" 16 - 18

                          Note: sizing charts reflect your body measurements, not the measurements of the garment itself.

                          Drysuit Repair / Damage Costs:

                              • *Renters are responsible for the cost to repair damaged suits, deducted from damage deposit. These prices may change without notice.
                              • Dry sock replacement - $150
                              • Neck gasket replacement - $75
                              • Wrist gasket replacement - $50
                              • Tears - $30 per inch
                              • Main zipper replacement - Replaced by Manufacturer 
                              • Relief zipper replacement - Replaced by Manufacturer 
                              • Repairs do not include shipping charges to and from manufacturer.

                            As always, feel free to call us with any questions at (360) 297-4659.

                              Please fill out a Rental Release Form for every participant beforehand.

                              Rental Fee must be made in full prior to or at the time of pickup and a refundable deposit will be included at time of payment. Renters are responsible for the full replacement value of any equipment lost, damaged, or stolen. A cleaning fee of up to $50 may be imposed at our discretion if suit is sent back wet or dirty.

                              Deposits are fully refundable within 14 days if suit and booties are returned in the same condition as they were received. In a dry and clean condition.