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Sea Kayak Rescue by Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner

by: Falcon Guides

Take the trauma out of capsizing! Your ability to right your kayak and reenter it quickly and easily can spell the difference between a dunk and a disaster. Read More

Brand: Falcon Guides
GTIN: 024933015955

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Sea Kayak Rescue by Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner

This book is a comprehensive course in all the techniques of sea kayak rescue for beginning, intermediate, and advanced paddlers. Step-by-step photos illustrate the many ways to right a swamped or capsized boat and safely reenter the kayak. Covering both self-rescues and assisted-rescues, this manual provides additional information on towing disabled boats and rescuing swimmers.

Expert instructors Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner show the full range of capsize recovery techniques, suitable for beginners and experts alike. From the basic Paddlefloat Self-Rescue and assisted T-Rescue to more advanced kayak Rolls, this manual includes every technique you will ever need to get yourself--and others--back into a kayak in all sea conditions. Numerous step-by-step photos, detailed explanations, and real-life rescue stories make this book an invaluable resource.

About the Authors

Authors Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner are American Canoe Association-certified instructor trainer educators, kayaking guides, and co-authors of the Guide to Sea Kayaking Central and Northern California.