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Aquaglide High‑Pressure Pump

by: Aquaglide Item # 442298419

An extremely efficient high-pressure push pump with pressure gauge and an assortment of fittings.

Brand: Aquaglide
SKU: aqg008

Tagged: aquaglide, discontinued, under-50

High-Pressure Pump

Stiff, durable aluminum shaft and comfortable T-handle makes quick work of inflating most any chamber. Easily handles up to 15psi (1,00bar) and is suitable for either high or low-pressure inflation. Ideal hand pump for any Aquaglide kayak, especially boats with HB floor. Can be used for complete inflation Aquaglide HB kayaks, XP kayaks, or any other watersports equipment with Boston or High-pressure spring valve.

High Pressure Kayak Pump
Specifications: 10″L x 5″W x 21″ H (25cm L x 13cm W x 53cm H), 15psi (1,00bar)
Weight: 3 lb 5oz (1,50kg)
Item: 58-5214022

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