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Aquabound Sting Ray Hybrid Posi‑Lok Two‑Piece Kayak Paddle

by: Aquabound Item # 442294063

Featuring Aquabounds exclusive abXII blade and all carbon shaft, the Sting Ray Hybrid kayak paddle has Aquabound's most popular blade style, for flat and slow-moving water.

Shaft Diameter:
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Sting Ray Hybrid Posi-Lok Two-Piece Kayak Paddle

Posi-Lok® Ferrule: In addition to the 3-hole snap-button ferrule aquabound offers the Posi-Lok ferrule system, which clicks into position firmly and securely and features strong, corrosion-free composite construction and convenient dual-button release.



Weight: 30.5oz  Available Lengths: 210-250cm in 10cm Increments  Feathering Angles: 15 degree increments Left or Right  Shaft Material: 100% Carbon  Blade Material:  Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon  Blade Size:  6.25 x 18"  Surface Area:  87 Square inches

Low Angle

Low Angle

Low angle paddles feature blades which are long and narrow and meant to be inserted into the water closer to parallel with the surface of the water. If your top hand stays around shoulder height you are utilizing a low angle technique. This style of paddling is very efficient and commonly used for more recreational paddling or when covering long distances and will benefit from conserving energy and reduced fatigue.

Low Angle
Straight Shaft

Straight Shaft

Straight shaft kayak paddles are the most common choice among paddlers and are ideal for those that like a traditional, simple feel. Straight paddles will save weight and cost while allowing for more variety in hand position.

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