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Seals Whitewater Spray Skirt Size Chart

Seals Whitewater Spray Skirts

Deck Sizing

Due to the shocking variety of shapes and sizes of cockpits, the best way to determine the correct deck size for your kayak is to look up your boat by make and model on the quite thorough Seals Fit List. If you do not see your boat listed, drop us a note or give us a call at (360) 297-4659 and we can help you determine the best fit. If all else fails, we can have custom skirts built from a template for a small additional charge.

Neoprene Tube Sizing

Circumf. 27" - 29" 30" - 32" 33" - 35" 36" - 39"
69 - 75cm 76 - 82cm 83 - 89cm 90 - 99cm

Note:  Neoprene tunnel heights are 9" (22.9cm). A lower fit 6" (15.2cm) tunnel is also available (made to order).

How To Measure
How To Measure

Measurements should be taken at the high point where the tube will ride, usually the sternum or lower rib cage. Alternatively waist measurements can generally work.  

As always, feel free to call us with any questions at (360) 297-4659.