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Werner Low Angle Touring Paddle Size Chart Carbon

Werner Touring Paddles

Low Angle

Boat Width Under 23" (59cm) 23 - 28" (59 - 71cm) 28 - 32" (71 - 150cm) Over 32" (150cm)
Under 5'
210cm 220cm 230cm 240cm
5' - 5'6"
(152 - 168cm)
215cm 220cm 230cm 240cm
5'6" - 6'
(168 - 183cm)
220cm 220cm 230cm 240cm
Over 6'
220cm 230cm 240cm 250cm


Choosing the proper shaft size (diameter of the shaft) for your hands assures a more comfortable experience on the water. You'll maintain a lighter grip for better technique, allowing better control and reduced fatigue. Measure your hand size by placing a ruler at the base of your hand (at the joint of your wrist) and measuring to the tip of your middle finger. If you measure smaller than 6.5" we suggest small shaft. Longer, go to our standard shaft. Paddlers with shorter, thicker fingers also gravitate to small shaft.

If you have questions regarding sizing or need help deciding what paddle is best for you, give us a call (360) 297-4659, send us an email or use the instant chat we are happy to help!