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Group & Event Rentals

Group Kayak or SUP Rentals from any Olympic Outdoor Center Facility:

Olympic Outdoor Center is happy to get you and your friends and family out on the water in a kayak or on a Stand Up Paddle-Board from any of our rental locations. If you have a group of 6 paddlers or more please give us a call 360.297.4659 to schedule a date and time. Regular rates apply.

What's Available

  • Single & Double Kayak Rentals
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals
  • Monster SUP Group Rental (Poulsbo and Redondo)
  • Mountain Bikes (Port Gamble)

* Tours and Classes require pre-registration.

Group / Event Offsite Rentals from a Customer Specified Location:

Kayaks / Stand Up Paddle- Boards

Are you hosting an event or party and want to get your guests out on the water? We are happy to provide Single Kayaks, Double Kayaks and or Stand Up Paddle-Boards along with all of the associated equipment and transportation. Olympic Outdoor Center can accommodate groups of up to 75 paddlers making us an excellent option for corporate events and outings.

We will provide all associated equipment: Paddles, Life jackets etc... and transportation of the gear to and from your specified location. You may elect to hire a staff member for your outing and they would be there ensure all participants are properly fit and adjusted in there Kayaks, properly fit all PFD's and provide detailed instruction and safety orientation on the beach prior to launching.

The site you choose needs to be easily accessed by van and trailer. The site also needs to be close to the water in order to expedite delivery and recovery of equipment and minimize risk. We are happy to do some work to set you up for a fun day on the water but will not be carrying double kayaks down steep and winding switch backs, as an example.

Mountain Bikes:

We currently have the capacity to host approx. 20 riders in a group setting here in Port Gamble. That number may rise or fall depending on rider size and requests for either full suspension or hard tail mountain bikes. There are about 3500 acres of single track trails a short ride able distance from our shop in Port Gamble. 

Mountain Bike rentals come with fit guidance, helmets, a local trail mail and orientation if desired. When contacting us to set up a mountain bike group rental please specify how many full suspension or hard tail bikes you will need along with frame sizes.

Rider Height Inseam Length Frame Size
5' - 5'4" 25" - 27" SM
5'5" - 5'7" 27.5" - 29" SM / MD
5'7" - 5'9" 28.5" - 30" MD
5'9" - 5'11" 29.5" - 31" LG
5-11" - 6'1" 30.5" - 32" LG / XL
6'2" - 6'4" 32.5" - 34" XL

How to set up an offsite group rental?:

Send us an email at with the following info:

  • How many people you will have
  • How many Single Kayaks, Double Kayaks and or Stand Up Paddle-Boards
  • Where and what time would you like the gear delivered and picked up?
  • Would you like to have staff present with your group on the water or on the shore to help orient paddlers and provide basic instruction?

*It is best to contact us well in advance for large group or corporate rentals during the summer as our schedule fills quickly. 

  Day Extra Day Weekend
Single Kayak / SUP $90 $55 $145
Double Kayak $120 $65 $185
Premium Kayak $135 $75 $210
Full Suspension Mountain Bike $75 $50 $130
Gear Delivery and Pick Up $100

*Rentals include all Safety Gear

Once we have all the information needed we will provide a quote for your group via email. All offsite rentals are charged a full day rate. We do provide discounts based on group size. The larger the group the better the rate!

Please see our Rental Terms & Conditions. You can save time by filling out our Rental Release Form beforehand.