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Custom Kokatat Dry Suits

Each customized GORE-TEX® dry suit will be individually constructed in Kokatat’s Arcata, California facility to your size specifications, color preference, and selected features.  Once an order is placed the custom suit will be made to Kokatat’s exacting standards ready for shipment in three to four weeks.*There are no returns accepted on custom dry suit orders. Once your order is placed you will be charged, it can not be altered or canceled.

Step 1. Create custom order using the Kokatat Custom Tool

a.) Select your Base Dry Suit to Customize
b.) Provide your sizing Info.
c.) Choose your colors
d.) Select any additional options

Step 2. Create Kokatat Account
Step 3. Select and Enter your address
Step 4. On Select Dealer, search for Olympic Outdoor Center or select SKIP to not assign the order to a dealer
Step 5. Review your order. On completion Kokatat will send you a PDF of your order to your account email.
Step 6. Attach and email the PDF to

Please follow measurement instructions closely. “Measure twice, cut once”, as the saying goes. Make sure all size, color and options selected check out before ordering your suit through Olympic Outdoor Center. 

How To Measure

Do not measure yourself. Measurements should be performed by an authorized and trained Kokatat retailer. Failing that, someone you trust to get in close with a cloth measuring tape.

Just relax! Look forward and stand up straight with your feet about 12 inches apart. Don’t move around and look straight ahead. Stop looking at your measuring partner or the floor.

Take measurements in street clothes and bare feet. DO NOT make allowances for insulation layers under the suit. Kokatat patterns are designed to allow for adequate layering under dry suits. Remember… measure twice, cut once.

Mens Sizing

Chest: Take this measurement at the widest point. This is usually at the nipple area. Do not hold your breath, just relax. If the person is muscular, take a second measurement at the armpit area, across the upper chest. Use the larger of the two measurements. 

Waist: Measure just above your hip bone where your body bends when bending sideways.

Torso: This measurement is for the entire torso length. Place the tape at the base of the neck on top of the shoulder. Run the tape down the front, through the crotch and up the back to the starting point on the shoulder.

Hips: Take this measurement from the side to ensure the correct placement of the tape. Place the tape around the hips and across the widest point of the buttocks. This might be a good time to come up with a descriptive word other than “widest”. Make sure that all pockets are empty.

Inseam: This is also referred to as the “crotch to ankle bone” measurement for those very secure individuals. Have the person stand with legs straight and feet about 12" apart. Have them hold their hand to the side, with palm facing out. Place the end of the measuring tape between their first two fingers. Ask them to place the hand with the tape in their crotch area, snug up against the body. Just relax! Stretch the tape straight down your ankle bone. Ask the person to look straight ahead, turn their head to the right and cough.

Sleeve: Hold arm directly out to the side, parallel to the floor, palm down. Bend the elbow forward, stop hand in front of nose. Place the tape at the base of the neck, starting at the spine. Run tape along the arm, turn at the elbow, measuring to the wrist bone..

As always, feel free to call us with any questions at (360) 297-4659. We will contact you to verify the order and make any adjustments before charging your account. 

Olympic Outdoor Center is a premier world-wide Kokatat dealer. We are experts when it comes to Kokatat suits, sizing, and products. Take advantage of our expertise and experience and order your custom Kokatat dry suit from us today!